Student-Managed Wiki Project Pages

By definition, a Wiki is a collaborative website. It will start out pretty basic with the first author, but will grow and improve as more authors are working on it. Think about Wikipedia... It started out with simple information. As people looked at it, they would add information that was missing or correct information that was wrong. They'd add pictures. They'd add links so people could learn more. The Wiki got better and better over time.

As you are editing a Wiki, here are some things to think about:

  • Write for your audience.
  • Don't copy from a source and paste it into the Wiki. Read, summarize, and put ideas in your own words. Others will help make it better!
  • Don't delete existing information and replace it with your own. Merge your ideas with the existing ideas to make it better.
  • Add pictures. Be sure to use copyright-free images.
  • Add links, but make sure they are good links that are appropriate for your audience.